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We were best friends before her...

BY AwokenCello on June 21, 2012
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I've been friends with this one guy for 6 years and I've had a crush on him for 4-5 years. I have only admitted to 2 years in middle school though because in 9th grade he met my other best friend and pretty much fell in love with her. Now, I stand on the sidelines watching them fight and her reject him over and over again. He graduated two weeks ago and she seemed to have completely stopped talking to him (saying that she pretty much hated him) and he started talking to me again (we hadn't talked for most of the last year because he was caught up with trying to get my best friend). This felt like old times... it felt great to know that he cared(even though I still couldn't admit that I have a crush on him because I now have a sweet boy friend who would be hurt by that). We talked every night for a week and a half (every conversation starting with him saying \"and now for my favorite part of the day\") till one night it just stopped. I waited a couple days and then tried to talk to him again. One of the first things he tells me is that my best friend started texting him again... my heart sunk... that is why he had stopped talking to me. He didn't need to talk to me anymore... oh well... at least he is happy.

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