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I have been around many days.

BY zuleika on October 7, 2012
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I am quiet, even on the internet. But I have been hanging out in this community, reading and sometimes posting, sometimes commenting, for quite awhile. More than three years, and I love this place. It earned itself a bookmark right on my toolbar, shared only with a prayer calendar and NaNoWriMo. Six word memoirs are addicting to me. I find them in my thoughts almost daily. I found this place very supportive. It was a nice break from daily life.

But recently, it hasn't seemed so supportive. Supportive for the people who write witty, strong statements, but what about the people who just need to breathe a little? For the people who just need to spill a little of their lives into this community? What about the people who write complete junk? You see, this worries me because I do not censor my thoughts to come up with something \"good.\" I write what must come out. Sometimes, a few memoirs of the same theme come spilling out. Is that all right? Or should I tuck those sentences into my pockets and only click publish for the ones I think you would enjoy?

Maybe I've always had it wrong. I thought this place was the comfortable sort, the \"sit down and drink some tea and talk about your life\" sort. But in past months, I wonder if it is more about what you can bring here to add to our enjoyment, rather than what you must bring, what you need to bring...

I love this place, really I do. I love reading memoirs from the regulars, getting a taste of your lives. But recently, it just hasn't seemed so friendly.

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