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Became unexpectedly horizontal with old friend.

BY L2L3 on October 8, 2012
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No sooner were the words, \"Here, let me grab your arm, just in case\" out of my mouth, when I found myself flat on my back on a cold, wet dock at a marina in Annapolis, MD. The look of absolute horror on my
friend's face was somewhat disconcerting, as I really
wasn't feeling a great deal of pain. What really got my
attention, however, was, with panic in his voice,
\"Can you move your leg?\" That actually caused me to raise my head and peer down at my legs, which were the kind of askew that you see in a murder victim or a six-story jumper on \"Law and Order.\" since I could move my legs just fine, thank you, my only response was, \"Wow! I didn't know I could even bend in that particular direction.\" I wisely walked the rest of the way in stocking feet. This morning, my previously bloody knee stings and my entire body has seized up. Have already taking drugs, all the while enjoying a glorious \"red sky at morning\" sunrise over the Atlantic. It's gonna be a beautiful day...if I can just get to my car;-D

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