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Autism will never touch his soul.

BY JohnBigJohn on October 19, 2012
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Dear Autism,

Fine, I will concede that there is no getting rid of you. It seems that you're here for the duration as you have wrapped yourself so tightly around my son. Please don't equate my understanding of this situation with an act of surrender, because I it's not. Let me be clear that you are most unwelcome in our family. An Amway salesperson with the plague would be more welcome in our living room than you.

I feel that now that I have started to find some peace in the knowledge that we have done all we can to limit your effects on my sweet Noah, it is probably time to we some boundaries.

Autism, you have set up shop in his physical body and it is clear that there is only so much we an do about this. You keep his body rocking and \"stimming\" through most of his waking hours. Your influence on him makes eye contact with his family strictly forbidden. It is because of you his face twists and contorts at all times.

You have built a wall between Noah and his peers. I hold you to blame that he has not been invited to a birthday party in five years, a fact that is not lost on him anymore.

So good for you Autism. It would seem that you have fulfilled your plan or ruining his life...

Well you haven't. You have lost. There is one place your icy fingers cannot reach. It is buried in a place inside him that you can't ever get access to...his soul.

You see despite the work you have done on him he is able to love more than any man/woman/child I have ever met. He is empathy personified.

Autism, you lost.

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