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Mixed emotions about Lance, your thoughts?

BY DynamicDbytheC on October 24, 2012
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I am mixed on this one. He entered a sport where the only way to compete was to do what was going on in Europe and elsewhere in cycling, \"cheat.\" Then he did it better than the others after coming back from cancer. A riveting story. Somewhere along the way, they began to clean up the sport and the testing got more sophisticated.
I did not believe that he would risk doing things to his body after cancer. Testosterone is lighter fluid and a match for testicular cancer. I always believed that he did juice BEFORE his cancer and that would most certainly have had a hand in igniting his cancer cells. But after his come-back from cancer, I wouldn't believe that he would risk messing with his body's chemistry. After cancer, I took even better care of my body than before cancer.
He was still an amazing and talented athlete. Some moments like when he went across the field when the guy went down inches from his tire, that was just skill, experience and luck.
However, I feel like I arrived at the Wizard of Oz and the curtain has been pulled back. It is showing more than Lance, it is exposing the entire world of sports for what it is and it isn't good.

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