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\"The Twinkie apocalypse is upon us\"

BY Staraj on November 19, 2012
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This unintentional six is a quote by a nutritional food webzine writer named Mike Adams. Apparently, he's not indulging in hyperbole. So far, there are 3,406 listings for Twinkies on E-bay. Highest price: $3,000,000. As in: THREE MILLION DOLLARS. Second highest price: $2,000,000. But the next seller is asking a mere $283,330.38. That seems reasonable. And I can only assume the 38 cents is critical. Especially if we can believe his listing rationale: \"World's last Hostess Twinkie collection will pay for my school\". Un-huh.

C'mon folks, you're joking right? Heck, I've never even eaten a Twinkie, and yet I'm worried. (Though how I wish I possessed a rare package, now.) Are there any prophecies in Revelations about spongecake with cream filling? Too bad George Orwell and Kurt Vonnegut are dead. They could tell us what this all portends. Then again, maybe we're better off not knowing . . . what Twinkies are made of . . . and what to make of what the Twinkie apocalypse is made of.

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