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Fighting to hold onto 'smart-kid' status.

BY Layne on November 22, 2012
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Report cards came today. I did very well, all A's, but not like last year. Last year my lowest grade was a 96. I took the hardest classes I could. This year it's the same deal, hardest classes, but I'm not getting anywhere near that with highest being 95. Even 'easy' classes are hard. I miss being the kid who didn't have to study much, even if I did anyway (that just me). I miss raising my hand and getting the math problem right, instead of continuously trying and getting them all wrong and having to make a joke out of it so its not embarrassing when other kids laugh..I'm not ready to be an underdog, the one that struggles in class. At first they called it the 'adjustment period' but basically that's just a nicer way of saying 'sorry your life sucks' because it hasn't gotten any better since then. It don't like to think about this, it just makes me upset, but I don't know what else I can do..

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