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Being forced into it doesnt makeitatalent,Mom!!

BY brenrose on November 28, 2012
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Ever since I was six, my mom has been determined to turn me into a perfect piano player. Here I am, eight years later. I really dont like playing the piano. Its so hard for me to like it when my little brother, who has only been playing for two yers, is like another Mozart. He writes songs, amazing, beautiful songs, and then here I am, still struggling to even read the notes. How am I supposed to feel good about it? I have tried to many times to get out of piano, but my mom is relentless. Its really frustrating. The only thing that has ever come out of my piano playing is me crying, begging to stop, feeling like Im the worst pianist in the world (probably true). I dont understand why she wont let me quit. Its my life!! I dont want to play the piano! Why cant she see this! She says its a 'talent'. Anyone who ever was good at playing an instrument or sport, ENJOYED it. Being forced into it does not make it a talent. I dont know what to do. Ive had it. Help me, she wont listen or even ry to talk about it. Aaaahhh!!!

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