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And after \"they\" take our guns...

BY Staraj on December 30, 2012
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What then? What words should go in this backstory? No, really. I'm asking. Or perhaps I should ask: Before after, what then? Repeal of the Second Amendment? Whadya think? I can tell you there are sidestories aplenty about what's been happening lately. Jog over to one of the most visited websites in the world (rhymes with \"you boob\"), and you can read comments that avow with religious fervor that the grieving parents in Newtown were ACTORS.


I don't enjoy being cynical about the I.Q. of some people, but I sometimes wonder if H.L. Mencken periodically feels compelled to roll a little deeper into his grave; and all the while, P.T. Barnum is desperately trying to roll out of his.

Yes, it's true. That is, it's true that tales of a grand conspiracy continue to be circulated. And the believers become even more entrenched with each tragic shooting. \"Here 'they' come to get our guns.\" So, what if \"they\" did manage to get them? What would become of the rest of us? Slavery? Exile to Antarctica? Or the moon? Hmmmm, I suppose the latter two options are too problematic, not only logistically but also realistically. No, \"they\" can neither export us nor exterminate us, because no one would be available to dig the ditches and collect the garbage. I guess that leaves slavery as the only viable option. Some sort of 1984-ish world for 300 million of us – give or take a few million overseers to do the bidding of \"they\", the overlords. Yes, \"they\" have to keep us alive. That means free room and board – without being free, which means constant vigilance on the part of \"they\".

Maybe \"they\" can get away with it. After \"they\" take our guns. After \"they\" take our freedom. But after \"they\" take our freedom, would \"they\" be free? Well, \"they\" would be free to stop acting. Of course, we are free NOW . . . to act wisely.

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