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In love...old-school word processor.

BY illuminatrix on January 18, 2013
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Seriously, I wanted to find a minimalistic, online word processor with a dark background and very few distractions. I found a really wicked one. I'll give the link to anyone interested. Not everyone will be interested, of course, but picture this.
Black background, like a DOS terminal or an old computer terminal typing station using WordPerfect or something. Started with green text, now on amber/orange text (total adjustability, just pick an HTML color). Simple monotype serif font. Typewriter clicking sounds. Good ones, and obviously an option, I'm just a supergeek who misses clicking keys while typing and is constantly fantasizing about the allure of manual typewriters while simultaneously being too lazy for that to be practical. Screen-filling, distraction-less, toolbar-less terminal. No bright white screen screaming in your face. It's bloody hypnotic, I'm tellin' ya. You can use a cookie, make a log-in, or use an open log-in (like google, etc.), save, export, everything. I've gotta shut myself up before I embarrass myself. Ask if you want a link. What a good way to zone in on writing. Normally, my computer's desktop is like a giant labyrinth of wonderful distractions and demons that I must traverse to the center of, the only place I will find any productivity. It's far too easy to get lost. This might help.

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