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It's never pitch-dark behind my eyelids.

BY illuminatrix on January 22, 2013
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Filtered light, patterns, imaginative projections, Jungian archetypal echoes, phosphenes, fractals in hazed colors or in pale earth-tone monochrome. All kinds of good stuff.

I've always viewed what I'll call the closed-eye Rorschach ink blot animation, the closed eye pallet, as the ultimate 'crystal ball' so to speak. You stare into any facet of oblivion, from a kaleidoscope to a lump of wood for long enough and you cease to see it, but rather the focus allows you a kind of reverse microscopy of self: a controlled meditative pondering. Why shouldn't that screen of arbitrariness be the membranes of your eyes, the shades on the windows to the soul? Shut them and what are you looking at, from within that house of houses?

It's also a kind of divination tool, in the sense that a divination tool can be used as a mirror to see deeper into yourself, rather than something that allows you to *DUM Dum duuuuuummmmm* see the future. I don't buy into fatalism and ideas of a predestined life or a single, unalterable future, so I've always viewed things like tarot cards, the I-ching, even astrology as metaphor collections that can allow you to psychoanalyze yourself to a degree, nothing magical in the 'defying nature' sense of magical. Perhaps a bit magickal, in the Crowleyan searching-for-true-will kind of sense, but that by its nature is merely a scientifically executed quest for spiritual illumination, knowledge of the nature of things.

On a semi-related word-nerd note, I love the word 'phosphene'. Philip K. Dick is the first person I ever read using that word. Rub your eyes with your knuckles until it goes all staticky fractal monochrome, you're seeing phosphene graphics, which apparently can be caused by external electrical stimulation as well as manual stimulation, although I only fool around with the whole rubbing my eyes thing, if you know what I mean. Phosphene is just a cool-sounding word that I find interesting.
Um.......*tumbleweed rolls by* That is all.

Actually, I wrote a spoken-word type poem about the 'phosphene inner mirror thing' called Grayscale, it's on my linked blog site, if anyone's interested.

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