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Somewhere, a force controls our fate.

BY Layne on January 23, 2013
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Some things are just so coincidental I can't help but think they were planned somewhere in the universe.

I have one of those friends who I've know ever since I could remember, but I never really thought much of him until this past summer. We both realized that maybe we could be more and just how happy we both were around each other. We planned to hang out just the two of us, to even go on a date, but every single time, something came up that one of us had to cancel. I began to think maybe fate didn't want us to be together because of the recurrences. I moved back home for the school year, and we stay in touch, but it's not the same not being together every day like in the summer.

One of my friends just asked about this situation when I got a text at the same instance from my um, special friend asking if I could come to his concert this weekend. We haven't talked since Christmas, so this was a rarity. Once again this seemed too coincidental to just be nothing, especially with the path occurrences.

This one's special. Just from the way the universe is playing with our relationship, I know it. Its like a crazy dream that can take a turn in any direction, but last time I checked I'm still awake. He helps me believe that maybe theres more to life than what we can see, and maybe those things are the most important.

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