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Found fulfillment as his resting place.

BY Wench on February 3, 2013
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My sister and her husband closed on their first house a few days ago and today our family came over to help spackle and paint. There is no heat in the new place yet since they're not moved in. During the afternoon, it wasn't as bad, but as the sun started going down, all of us were cold. Eventually someone remembered that they had a space heater, so that went in the kids' room with Constantine and my sister's four children.

Constantine squeezed in a ten minute nap before we left for the house this morning but hadn't napped at all the rest of the day. He was a trooper but he was so obviously exhausted. When we finally called it a day, I picked him up and carried him around but he still wouldn't sleep. He's getting heavy and although I love holding him, my arms were killing me. There's no furniture in the house yet but there was this funky closet with exaggeratedly tall stairs inside, so I sat on one of the steps, closed the door halfway and hummed to him. He was asleep less than three minutes later.

I've got a little firecracker for a son and he hates to sleep anywhere other than His Bed. He hasn't fallen asleep in my arms since I stopped nursing, and even then, it had been a while.

It felt so wonderful to know that laying in my arms and snuggled close, he was finally comfortable enough to let himself rest. Like I'm doing my job. I'm where he feels safe. That's all I care about.

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