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Quantico is firing artillery today, normal.

BY tcrog1020 on February 14, 2013
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I woke up to the house shaking and shuddering from the impact from the shells on the range, I am fifteen miles away. I see Harrier Jump Jets refueling over my head on a daily basis. 1,000,000 pounds of JP5 up there waiting to come down on my head. That old familiar Crump!Crump! Crump! of mortar fire is never more than a day away. When the 500 pound bombs are dropped the cabin does a real dance, though they are miles away. Most people have not been in this sort of thing, and for me it has not stopped since 1969,when I used to send it downrange on Haiphong and Hanoi. It is an ever present thing, they have to train the LT.'s to run their fucked up fire missions. Kill their own troops and in general screw up. Then there is the FBI academy, Marine sniper school, and the Marine 1 helicopter squadron that carries the LIAR IN CHIEF about. At some time of the day all the above is ever present, over my head, in my ears, to remind me that this nation is under the domination of the military industrial establishment, and that the permanent war that the book 1984 warned us of is in place.

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