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\"Going to hospital. You should come.\"

BY accidentaltourist on March 5, 2013
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A phone call you never want to receive.

My daughter in law called, to say my son had been working on his car, it had slipped off the jack and fallen on him. She had heard him screaming, from inside the house. She was able to lift the car enough to enable him to pull himself out. He is lucky....although he's badly bruised, nothing was broken. His blood supply to the brain was compromised, and he has burst vessels in his eyes and around them...but he's okay. Thank God, and I mean that.....God, thank you so much.

The worst thing was this: they live on the main street of their little town. Not a lot of traffic, but was what passes for rush hour. But as she stood there struggling to pull that car off her husband, and screaming to passers-by for help, no one...NO ONE...came. People going in and out of the post office across the street, turned and walked away. No one stopped, no one offered to call 911...she did that one did anything.

I want to scream. And cry. But tonight, I will just get on my knees and say thanks to God that she could lift that car alone, and that the ambulance came quickly, and that he is okay.

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