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I love that KID! (my goat...)

BY Dhani on March 7, 2013
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(Memoir) I live in an agricultural village in Mexico, and a neighbor recently asked if his 4-month old baby goat could graze in my corral. Wow -it was love at first sight, I never had a pet goat, the cutest thing: chocolate brown with just a whisp of white between these tiny horns.

I love 'Valentín'!, named after having received him around Valentine's Day (called 'Friendship Day' in Mexico).

At first I thought it was a 'she' & gave him a biblical name, 'Sarah, but two days later we spotted his two brown furry balls, Valentín!

Not friendly, but warms up if you have something to eat -loves raw cucumber, squash & banana peel. I love to watch him happily chew away....(To think in eight mos. the owner will slit Valentín's throat, to make the much relished baby-goat tacos here in Mexico. Maybe I can save his life & buy him?)

(six words: 'LOVE your animals/ they are forgiving...')

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