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It's been three years since \"Yes!\"

BY Wench on March 16, 2013
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It's also been three years since a drunk driver on the eve of St. Patrick's day crashed into us on the highway coming home, totaling our car, but that's all part of it. I've told this story before but I still love it.

We had already gone ring shopping but I had no idea he'd bought the one we picked yet. My parents had two tickets to see the Philadelphia Orchestra play at the Kimmel Center and asked if we wanted them. I called Nathaniel and said I thought it would be fun if we dressed up. While I was getting ready, he drove to my parents' house to speak to my dad - but my dad wasn't home from work yet. So he drove to Jersey to the jewelry store and bought the ring we'd picked out. It was too big and they asked if he wanted to leave it with them to be resized - he said there wasn't any time, so they put a little piece of metal on the inside to help.

He raced back to my parents' house. My dad was home. He asked for permission to marry me and then told my parents he'd be back in a few minutes with me to pick up the tickets - and they had to act like nothing had happened.

I was annoyed with him for taking so long getting ready - when I called to see what he was up to, he said he'd got caught up in a conversation with his mom for an hour. When he finally arrived, we both hopped in the truck and drove to my parents' house. \"You two look so nice, let's take a picture.\" Yeah, I had no idea.

At the Kimmel Center, Nathaniel suggested we visit the garden on the third floor before the show started. The ceiling of this building is made of glass and there are trees upstairs. It's beautiful. As we walked around, I couldn't stop saying how magical it looked as the sun was setting.

\"Hey Alexis, before we go, I have a question to ask you.\"

\"Sure, what's up?\"

\"Will you marry me?\"

\"YES! Did you ask my dad?\"


\"Then YES!\"

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