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Any children? \"Yes. They're in space\".

BY Amapola on March 28, 2013
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How a casual question over whiskey and beer at a bar resulted in the most touching story I've ever witnessed in such occasion.

Thirty years ago they were born. One died within minutes, the other, days later. \"But they are in my heart\" he said. \"And if they choose to, they'll come back\". He continued.

Then my friend shared her story about aborting her child 10 years ago. \"Mine is also in space. I was too young. It was made out of love\". She said these phrases at different moments of her confession.

And I listened to their conversation. The pain, the guilt, the surreality of their experience and the love they exuded while talking about their children 'in space', and how much they still feel their presence.

Then he said that he composed \"the most beautiful song for my children\". And later on he asked my friend if she would like to make a choreography for it. \"My song is also for your child\". He said.

\"Yes, I can try\", my friend replied.

[My friend is a dancer, he's a musician].

He was thrilled.

Then he invited her to his house, to meet his wife, and to listen to the music he composed.

And while I was thinking of the children I might never have, I felt this warmth, for their pain, for their children \"in space\" and for the honour of having witnessed the honest sadness and the incredibly beautiful story of their exchange.

[And then they exchanged contact info, before three of us parted ways].

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