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Not damn thing we can do.

BY MO_Thoughts2 on April 9, 2013
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** WARNING -- graphic and heartbreaking **

Saturday evening my friend missed a phone call. Within minutes of missing it, she listened to the voicemail. It was a young boy begging for help. She immediately called the police, but the phone call came over as 'UNKNOWN' which the officer said is common on pay as you go phones. This little boy is begging for help, crying, saying they are making him watch Aunt Carly. He's says he's by the old movie theater. There's a lot we can't understand because he is talking and crying at the same time. Then he's saying no, no and then the most blood curdling scream I've ever heard.

Somewhere someone's baby and sister are dead. My heart breaks. We've been checking missing person in our state -- but no young boys missing in the last few days and no one child or adult by the name of Carly. Pray that their souls found their way to heaven.

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