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This sappy face isn't put on.

BY notjustagirlintheworld on April 17, 2013
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I am so moved by the many stories of kindness coming out the tragedy in Boston. It makes me wonder why we can't be kind to one another in our everyday lives. Maybe that person who cut you of on the highway is hurrying to the hospital to see a sick friend, or the person in front of you driving maddeningly slowly is lost. Perhaps the person tapping their foot behind you in the grocery line is a single mom or dad rushing home to relieve their baby sitter or their oldest child. Why do we always assume actions are based on some one else's misplaced self importance or conversely that they think we are unimportant. Can't we be our best selves and give others the benefit of the doubt even when there is not an obvious reason they need our help or understanding. Why not say to the person behind you, are in a rush, would you like to go before me or make room for the person trying to merge into your lane, or slow down and roll down your window and ask that person driving so slowly if they are lost? A little help goes a long way towards making others feel better and us feel better about our collective humanity. Why be frustrated when you can be helpful, or at least try.

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