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Death is too good for him.

BY notjustagirlintheworld on April 19, 2013
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Suspect #1 in the Boston bombing. I want a confession. I want to hear him say that he did it and why. I don't want the burden of having to assume that because he did bad things in order avoid capture he 'did it.\" I want closure. I want to understand what he thought he was doing and why. I am not niave enough to think that will change anything, but still I am hungry to understand the demons that drove him to do this awful and evil thing to the country I cherish. I want him to have a long ugly trial because that is what we do in a free country, we do not execute people, we try them in a court of law. I have no doubt that he is the one who deprived me of my desire to see the wheels of justice slowly churn him out, that was his choice, but still *I *want to \"know\" that he was guilty and I wanted him to have a long, long time in jail to consider all the lives he has taken and those he has forever changed. Executing a plan designed to 'maim' people -- not kill them, especially athletes --is an unusual kind of cruel. Suicide by cop is too good for the person who did this awful thing. Pinning all my hopes on #2 despite knowing cowardice in entirely consistent with the methods they choose to make their point -- whatever that may have been. I am a patriot, I believe in American and American justice, with all it's flaws: I want justice not revenge.

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