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I've decided to take up faith.

BY Skyebird on April 24, 2013
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Now, before some of you get your panties in a twist (I've always wanted to say that, please forgive me), I have chosen to have faith in something. Something that does not involve religion, but rather an idea. The idea that humanity is not at all as bad as the daily news makes it out to be. As a whole, we are beautiful. As a whole, we are kind. As a humanity, we are one. I realize there are some outliers in our species who could easily be mistaken for demons, but I want to have faith in those that are still good. I have spent too much of my time stressing over the statistics of crimes and evil doers. Too many nights I mourn the decline of good in people. I forget about those around me that are not bad enough to cause mass havoc via threat and bombs. In fact, after much thinking, at least 99% of the people I interact with are wonderful people whose personalities I may or may not like. It doesn't change the fact that they are still good people. So to reiterate, I have decided to take up faith in humanity as a whole. I need this, so I can stop being such a sullen brat and believe in something bigger than me. Otherwise, I'd spend so much time inside my mind that eventually I will snap and steal everyone's avocados. I love avocados that much. I'll stop now, I sense that I have deviated from the topic.

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