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Hearts race. And then the heartbeat.

BY Believe on May 3, 2013
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A friend of mine is pregnant. And to say she has had an easy pregnancy would be a boldface lie. There have been scared tears and anxious doctors appointments. Although I wish she had not had so many nervous moments, we have become closer friends because of it. And every time there is a scare there has been a doctor there assuring her that everything seems to actually be ok. Those scares have begun to mold her into a parent. They have taught, maybe prematurely, that she has permanently lost control. Control. It's a word that we all covet and sometimes naively believe we possess. Her, like myself, grew up thinking that things would all be ok if we just "put them in God's hands." And we thought we did. But we didn't understand the magnitude of those words. We continued to believe that there was something real about "guarantees." What a human word...guarantee.

And so her heart races. As the Doppler searches. Waiting for that quickened sound of life. Baited breath. And there it is.


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