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Insomnia negotiations. Bargaining with ticking clock.

BY JohnBigJohn on May 3, 2013
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I'm so tired but I can't sleep. What time is it? 1 a.m.? Okay, that's fine. If I pass out now I can totally survive on five hours of rest.

Counting sheep now. I've seen at least 300,000 of them leap over that stupid white fence. Who is feeding them? Where do they go when they move out of my vision? Is there a farm for them? I hope so. That would be nice. Sheep love farms. At least I think they do.

Watching the ceiling fan unstably spin. How has it not fallen down on our bed yet? It is violently rocking back and forth with each turn. If I were at all handy I would fix that in the morning. The problem is I am unable to fix anything...

Why am I not sleeping yet? What time is it? 2 a.m.! Yikes...I really should be dreaming by now. I have a big day tomorrow. If I fall asleep right now I will get 4 hours of sleep - that should be enough, right? Right!

I should have roasted the garlic before I added it to the salad. That would have been good. I love garlic. I love love love garlic. What time is it now? 4 a.m. Crap. I can totally function on two hours of sleep.

I wish I would have told my Aunt last week when I visited her in the hospital that I loved her. She was one of the great people in my life. She was a north star. Now she is gone and I let a moment slip by. I always do that.

I really need to get to sleep. Right now. Sleep. Now. Go. Sleep. Huh, its not working. Why is the room getting lighter?

Hello sun.


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