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Abandoned myself to abundant happenstance. HappyDance!

BY TheProsperousArtist on May 7, 2013
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OMG! Abundant happenstance indeed!

I haven't been here in a while. When I was a regular here, I loved the Random Word of the Day, and I loved to play with similar-sounding words.

This morning my housemate used the word \"abandoned\", and in her luscious Italian accent I heard \"abundant\". I thought, those are kind of opposites, and I never noticed how similar they sound - there's something interesting and useful I can do with this insight.

As I sat down outside to my morning meditation, to my surprise it started to form itself into a six, and the above spilled out with little thought.

I wasn't crazy about the word \"happenstance\" - a bit too random chance-y for the meaning I'd hoped to convey. But I liked the wordplay, and with me wordplay usually trumps meaning. (I feel guilty about it, but it's the truth. :-)

Then I thought, \"Wouldn't it be nice if one of the words in my six were a RWOTD, so someone might actually see my triumphant return to sixdom and appreciate my playful insight?\" Yeah, nice idea - what are the chances?

I hastily posted my six, then remembered that noone's ever really on here this early, and that I'd meant to wait till a bit later.

Posting took me to the \"Recent Memoirs\" listing. Imagine my shock and delight to notice - three posts under mine - four posts in a row containing the word \"stance\", the fourth of which announced it as the Random Word of the Day.

Apparently \"happenstance\" was EXACTLY the right word choice ... and has made the meaning of my six come true in its posting!

Abundant happenstance indeed!

Guess I'm meant to be back. :-)

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