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How much opinion does one share?

BY lillybrook on May 16, 2013
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I have this friend, and we've been through everything -- babies, break-ups, tango classes, and terrible movies -- and we've always been platonic. I mean healthy, genuine platonic -- he's like my brother. No spark, no chemistry... just meaningful, close friendship.

He started dating someone a couple of months ago, and she's jealous. She asked him not to spend time with me because she's insecure about our friendship -- not because we've sent her any signals (of course) -- and she can't explain it, but apparently spending time with me is not o.k.

It doesn't matter that she's been to my house, met my kids... but I'm single, so apparently that means I am a man-stealer in waiting, or something.

I haven't spent time with my friend in a month, while he helps her \"build trust.\" But I'm getting kind of tired of this. Is it just me, or does this not imply that she doesn't trust HIM? Which, frankly, she should -- he's a great guy and wouldn't cheat.

This week, she asked him to ask me if I'd go out on a set-up with some guy friend of hers, like a double-blind date or something, even though I don't date. I'm not willing to do this to make her feel secure, and don't understand why she would want me to date her friend if she doesn't trust me.

This is feeling incredibly immature and dramatic. So what do I say?

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