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\"Nothing but several pony-tailed guys here\"

BY MO_Thoughts2 on June 16, 2013
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My 18 year old daughter was driving an hour on her own to visit a friend. She's never driven there and it's been a couple years since I drove her to this friend's house.

I wrote down instructions and she was on the road. We don't have smart phones or GPS. About 30 minutes into her drive I get a phone call. There is one place where 3 different highways come together and she was in the wrong lane so she was pushed in the wrong direction. I knew she was in a not so nice area of town, but not familiar enough to tell her how to get back to correct highway. I told her to keep driving and find an exit with gas / food. A couple minutes later she gets off the highway and pulls into a Conoco gas station. I've always taught my kids to ask a woman preferably one with kids if they need help. I asked her if any women were pumping gas and this was her response.

Momma's heart starts racing, but I kept calm. Told her to park in front of the door and go inside and ask the counter person how to get back on the correct highway.

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