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Am I a buzzkill? Be honest.

BY marymc on July 6, 2013
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Our dear friend has invited hubby and me to her family's camp in the 1000 Islands for the weekend. She's a bit flighty, so getting straight answers is a bit of a chore. After we accepted the invite, she said, \"bring your sleeping bags\". Ok, we don't own any. We thought we'd be in the guest room. We find out she's invited a lot of people. A lot. None of whom I know. (she's hubby's friend from childhood). My sleep issues are well documented here. I'm up til 2 or 3 most nights. I wander the house. I need a TV and/or internet... at the very least a room with a light so I can read or draw. This morning I was up awake at 3 and up at 4 with a panic attack. Shallow breathing, crawling out of my skin. The thought of being on an island, amongst strangers, if that happens again is terrifying me. Hubby loves her (she was so kind to him when he had cancer as a teen). I love her too, but last time we were there it was just for the day and when it came time to leave she started pleading we stay and the hubby kept looking at me with the puppy eyes. This time I told hubby to go without me. He said he would but then he said, \"what if it's just for the day again?\" If I get those puppy eyes again, I will take a bat to his head. I wish I could just \"suck it up\"... but I'm not at a place to do that.

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