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She said “fearless”, I thought…”foolish”.

BY _Miracle on July 9, 2013
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There I was, waiting at a red light, drenched in the pouring rain and in the midst of a lively thunderstorm, sitting on the scooter. On my way back from Home Depot for the second time that day because they had got the color wrong on the floor paint the first time.

She was an older lady appearing to be comfortably established. She brought down the window, leaned out a little with a playful smile and proud rise of her fist said “fearless”.
I gave her my best smile, a nod then turned back to be ready for the light change.
Quaking in my Converse, “Foolish, foolish me” I thought.

Just minuets before this encounter there had been a brilliant flash which didn’t even let me get to the second “Mississippi” before the booming sound made me shrink and cower. I had consoled myself with the thought that were I to be struck it would be over quickly and then I remembered “I am a survivor”...”shit I’d probably survive, all zapped out and physically damaged.”

The last little stretch home after the light was a test to my patience and reminder of the value of humor.
It was apparent that the man in front of me was scared (or maybe just startled) by the lightning. Every time a “good one” flashed he hit the brakes and shrank shorter in seat.
Yes, I feel you guy but seriously, can you just please, please keep your ass moving forward…consistently? As I pondered moving around him another car went by, showering me with enough water to drench me, had I not already been so thoroughly soaked, now they too put on the brakes.

~ LOL~ I am laughing and motion them on. (nice of them to pause, most usually don’t notice)

The image of Steinem and Hughes pops into mind when thinking of the elderly woman.
I am glad she thought I was “fearless” and that it gave her a moment of small glory. Even if my real story at the moment is far less glamorously empowered and more out of utility and necessity.
My hands seem steady while locking up the ‘lil bot” (The scooter's AutoBot nick name).
Still a little shaken in the core and more than a little amused at myself.
This is the kind of foolish that I am, some times it just works out better than others.

Other times you simply have a job to do.

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