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Sexual congress periodically overrides political congress

BY Staraj on August 13, 2013
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Just four pics, because Lord knows there's not enough space for all of them. Here now, the remainder of the dishonorable mention award winners . . .

Rep. Wayne Hays
Rep. Wilbur Mills
Rep. John Young
Rep. Allan Howe
Rep. Fred Richmond
Rep. Jon Hinson
Rep. Robert Bauman
Rep. Thomas Evans
Rep. Bob Livingston
Rep. Dan Crane
Rep. Gerry Studds
Rep. Ernie Konnyu
Sen. Brock Adams
Rep. Jim Bates
Rep. Donald Lukens
Rep. Gus Savage
Rep. Barney Frank
Rep. Arlan Stangeland
Sen. Daniel Inouye
Rep. Gary Condit
Sen. Bob Packwood
Rep. Mel Reynolds
Sen. John Ensign
Rep. Chris Lee
Rep. Eric Massa
Rep. Mark Souder
Sen. Larry Craig
Rep. Mark Foley
Sen. Strom Thurmond (Admittedly, he was in his early 20s and a decade away from the start of his political career, when a tryst with the family's black maid gave him a biracial daughter. Nevertheless, many years later as a senator, he railed and filibustered against integration. Whereas, he apparently approved of miscegenation.)

PS 1 — If you're having difficulty associating the face of the guy in the lower right photograph with his name, I can instead post a picture of . . . uhhhh . . . oh, never mind.

PS 2 — A presidential veto of the overriding? Maybe, but that depends on which president. A few did some overriding of their own.

PS 3 — And remember, these are just the ones who got caught . . . in the acts . . . of \"congress\".

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