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I wanted to write something good.

BY NeilSlevin on August 14, 2013
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Words, not Letters

An aching heart, head;
a brain made useless
by an incapable, unknowing mind.
In short, I did not know
(nor did I wish to know)
how “A” became “B”
or even how – or why – “A” came to be:

I did try to know,
but the letters failed me:
“D, E, F, G, U, Y and X,” –
letters I do not know
(or at least have hardly ever known);
they seemed strange
and unfamiliar.

I prefer words; they prefer me.
I love the way they group together:
simply, languidly, even incessantly,
and flow from the tips of my
fingers, my mouth and pen.
My brain speaks and produces
even when I wish it wouldn’t.

And it will go on
speaking, wishing and producing
(I hope),
long after you've worked out
the eigenvector for the transformation
through which our thoughts
become words.

Beautiful words,
where letters combine with thoughts, feelings –
even rationality – order – logic:
to make meaning,
a meaning and a logic
that we cannot achieve
by letters and numbers alone.

Give me words, not letters,
any time or day.

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