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Fired his attorney, revealed his core.

BY ShellDeFelice on August 19, 2013
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Pure narcissist that he is, he fired his attorney once he found out I ran out of money for mine. He couldn't stand the thought he would spend one cent that I wasn't spending...everything must be cut down the middle you know.
As he played Perry Mason he painted himself into Asshole Corner. I literally saw the judge grab what little hair he had on the sides and look like he might yank it out in frustration.
He tried to limit the amount of time I could talk to our baby daughter on his time. No Go. I can speak to her each day. He tried to get full legal custody. The courts answer was a firm NO. He tried to dismiss holidays and wanted them to \"fall where they fell,\" I said, \"She still believes in Santa,\" and the judge smiled and gave me my holiday request.
All in all, it will be well with my soul. I wanted to post this in thanks for listening to my rants and for your kind thoughtful responses, both public and private. I was a hot mess last night...probably the most frightened I have ever been in my life and this space was a sounding board and you all were a soft safe place to land. Thank you so much!!!!!!

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