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We'll never have a shore house.

BY notjustagirlintheworld on September 1, 2013
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This has become my stock answer to people who 'marvel' at the amount of money we 'must have' spent on the primary school education (k-12) of our three very special children.
I try to avoid the conversation because it invites (invidious) comparison, but one need not go far beyond \"do you have children?\" to find out we do, and none of them are at (insert name of age appropriate public school.)
Despite paying the King's ransom in property taxes, our three children were/are all, for different reasons, are not 'in district.\" It only took one expensive protracted and ultimately fruitless legal battle, for us to recognize our money, time and energy would be far better spent finding, and paying form the right school for each of our children, rather than continuing to battle the deep pocketed school system that would do anything to avoid admitting they were not able to appropriately educate our 'seemingly' mainstream children, and in so doing set a costly precedent.
As I watched my ‘peer group’ scoop up houses at ‘the shore’ at recession prices, and rebuild them in the wake of Sandy, I realized that we too were buying our dream , and like them our ‘four walls’ had suffered through storms and set backs, and had been rebuilt time and again.

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