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School (and school stress) starts anew.

BY notjustagirlintheworld on September 4, 2013
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There is common misconception among (mostly men) that all moms jump for joy when school starts.
That may be true when one has small children who don't (yet) have homework, and whose budding social skills are closely monitored, but by the end of elementary school (5th grade here) and certainly by the time they are in the hellish social crucible commonly referred to as middle school or junior high, the school year is far more stressful for both children and parents.
There is no joyful jumping for me today, just a pit in my stomach as my 8th grader starts at a new school, worried about his first-ever combination lock, if his (extremely carefully selected) outfit is \"right,\" if he's brought the right amount of his ginormous supply list for his first day and mostly if anyone will talk to him. I am grateful that it is only half a day and he will therefore be spared the treachery of the lunchroom at least until next week. Summer, now in my rear view mirror, is looking pretty good right now.

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