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Why I shouldn't talk to strangers.

BY MO_Thoughts2 on September 18, 2013
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I was at the gym last night and was bored by the ab coaster but was going to finish out the reps. So to entertain myself I started people watching. There was a guy putting another guy through some intense ab exercises. One of them had the guy working out laying on the floor with the trainer standing over his head. The kid working out was holding the trainer's ankles and the trainer was pushing his legs out to the left, right and middle, then the kid was lowering his legs to 6 inches above the floor in each direction. When they were done, I looked at the trainer and said \"Ya know, he's looking up your shorts\". Trainer Dude looked at me quizzically like the thought never crossed his mind, nodded, laughed and said \"Well, it's my baby brother so I guess it's all good\".

This is why I should not talk to strangers

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