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By then, I was too tired

BY jl333 on September 21, 2013
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I needed to get an early start on studying today. I woke up especially early so I could still keep my morning routine of breakfast (which we all know I would never miss), and reading the days newspaper from cover to cover (which I do daily before I leave the house). Afterwards I had planned on giving a solid 8 hours (with food breaks inbetween) towards my studies. But then...the phone rang, so I answered it, then my friend needed me to make hotel reservations (first five hotels were booked, so that was time consuming), then friend was running late for work, and needed help ironing her shirt, then I remembered I had to take my cat in to get her nails trimmed, and then if I was going out, I should probably pay the bills since I was passing the post office, came home only to remember that I better quickly send an invoice for work performed to my boss overseas. As I was creating the invoice, another problem arose with the home warranty on the property I manage. Spent another 30 minutes dealing with that. In the midst of all that, I had a few emails to return. By then it was lunch time. Ad in the end, I was just too tired to study. I took a 22 minute break, and I'm ready to tackle studying... until snack time.

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