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Juicing emotions. Six wild fruits. Squeeze.

BY Amapola on October 1, 2013
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My emotions are wild fruits. And like every fruit, they are a natural result of something that lives.

As we all know, most wild fruits have a nurturing function while some have the capacity to kill. Many others, regardless of our discernment, irresistibly tempt us. Some make us puke, some make us binge. Some ferment into glorious wine or nasty rum, some make tasty home-made marmalades.

Some are fresh, others tangy, like bitter-sweet summer lemonades. Some live longer under winter blankets. Some die sooner under the tropical glare. Some taste like the lips we once longed to kiss.

Again and again.

For a long time, these wild fruits of mine were hiding, hungry to be discovered.

That's until I met him.

He loved their taste, even though he couldn't name them. Soon enough he realised that it was all a bit too new for him.

"I have a problem with your emotions". He said.

He is a Northern European from Mars. I am Caribbean from Venus. That's a sky apart when it comes to expressing emotions openly and with a passion. And to be honest, as exciting as it sounds, sometimes the contrast can be tiresome.

After three months of dating, he now calls me "drama queen". He knows that it upsets me.

And hell no. In the heat of the moment, he cannot handle it.

But then he tells me that he loves me dearly and squeezes me tightly, as we taste each other in a juicy kiss.

And it's all good. Really good.

Again and again.

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