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Dear Family, he is gay. Forever

BY jene2008 on November 28, 2013
9 | 2 Favorites you need to suck it up and accept his friend, too. Stop being so narrow-minded. We are supposed to be a family. A family that accepts and loves each other. If you say you love him like he is blood then why would you not accept the one he loves? Stop being so ignorant as to think that they wouldn't respect you enough to not show any affection. In saying that, I have to you think a gay couple just can't keep their hands off one another? I'm incredibly disappointed in those of my family that said they would be too uncomfortable for his friend to attend our family Thanksgiving dinner. You've really hurt your relationship with him, Dean and me. Instead we will have our own dinner so that they can be thankful together just like a couple should. But realize that he will always be gay. He will be in a relationship. We have to accept this and those he loves or how can we really call ourselves a family. I was taught that family loves you no matter what. Has that changed?

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