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New York isn't everything they say.

BY Trulytracy on February 12, 2014
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I was born and raised in New York (Manhattan). When you live here, you become part of this cult-like mentality about New York. You think that it's the near place in the world. Best restaurants. Best theater. Best culture. You believe the the people are smarter and superior to everyone else. You even believe that you shouldn't go to doctors anywhere else because they can't compare to NY doctors.

I still have a place in NY but I live in South Florida now. I've been living in Florida for a year and I now realize that all of those "truths" I came to know, weren't true. NY culturally is amazing. There's no doubt about it. But the quality of life sucks. The weather is terrible for most of the year. I love being outside every single day and going to the beach. It feels healthier and more laid back.

I'm in NY right now as I'm writing this. Why? Because, I can't lie, all of my doctors are still here. :) old habits die hard. :)

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