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Joined the Bodacious Old Ladies Club.

BY Bevvie on March 29, 2014
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You know the club. Its members are those old ladies who will say anything to anyone, including strangers. Not mean things, just bold, outlandish things! I used to think that these ladies were crazy until I got my membership card. I find myself saying the silliest things to strangers. The words just spill out before I have time to stop myself.
Last Xmas I asked a woman, a perfect stranger who was carrying a bag of wrapping paper in the parking lot of a shopping center, if she had left any wrapping paper for me in the store. She looked startled but then she smiled and responded that the wrapping paper was on sale and there was plenty left. She recognized I was a Bodacious Old Lady. She probably had a few at home waiting to wrap presents.
My aunts were bodacious old ladies. My sisters and I were constantly appalled by the things that they would say to strangers. I guess I inherited the bodacious old lady gene. Since my sisters are several years younger than I am, they have a while before the BOL gene may assert itself. Until then they just have to be appalled by the words that slip out of my mouth from time to time.

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