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I inhabit worlds that don't exist.

BY TheLost on January 29, 2009
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Video games. I love them. I'm obsessed with them.

People who share such a passion are typically branded as 'nerds', or as people who try to escape reality by clinging to these worlds that don't exist. I beg to differ.

I used to run. I lift weights now and then, and when I had a girlfriend, I'd go out and do things. I wasn't trying to escape anything. In retrospect, I do admit that video games are a wonderful distraction from problems in the real world. They're fun, they grab your attention, and they make you feel like a part of something bigger than life.

Modern video games are an art form in and of themselves. The stories come to life through beautifully crafted hi-definition models. They usually revolve around stories that took a handful of seasoned writers to craft over long periods of time. Games possess some traits that other forms of storytelling and entertainment have, but with some variations.

As mentioned before, video games all have stories. Each game has a different set of characters that live in some sort of world and we are allowed to watch as their lives unfold. Sounds like a book, right? Unlike a book, however, we don't use our imagination to picture the scenes described. Words are replaced by pixels that are chained together to form pictures. Unlike books, we are not simple spectators. We control the actions of characters with our controllers and guide them towards their destinies. It's a level of immersion that some authors would kill for.

Games are also siblings to movies, only the stars aren't celebrities. You are the star taking on the main role. Your name is the first one seen at the end credits. While some games place you as a certain person, others allow you to customize the character to make it more personal.

This little rant was spurned by a comment made to me a long time ago by someone in one of my college courses. I just felt the urge to blurt it all out.

If you play World of Warcraft, you can find me on the role-playing server known as Scarlet Crusade. I'm the happy little Alliance Death Knight known as Háden, who is usually seen whacking Horde members upside their heads. Send me a tell!

(World of Warcraft and anything related is Blizzard property. Not mine.)

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