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Mom, nobody likes eating brussel sprouts!

BY LotLessMonster on July 1, 2014
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I always had to sit at the table until I finished those god-awful vegetables. Hated them. Flash forward. Wifey and I are at "our" fancy restaurant anniversary celebrating, and my meal includes asparagus, which I'm kinda looking forward to because I don't cook it at home and force my kids to eat it. Breaking the cycles of abuse in a vegetable way. The plate delivered has brussel sprouts sitting next to my steak. WTF. Seasonal substitution the man says. Ate them because I was always told I had to clean my plate. I loved them. Even stopped the manager to tell him that, which I would normally never do. He felt the same way and explained the whole preparation story about the sprouts. Well my first thought as my wife and I are finished with the meal and sipping our coffees...wish I could tell mom. Hey mom, I like brussel sprouts now.

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