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Enginethatcould.... dress up as a cow.

BY enginethatcould on August 13, 2014
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So many significant, intense sixes in these past couple days. Important and meaningful, each one.

Without offending or diminishing, I'm taking a chance, and interjecting a little levity for anyone who wants to partake.

A few years ago, I was udderly flattered to have been asked to dress up as a cow for a local "Dairylicious Days" event (yes, it's a thing!).

Even though it wasn't technically within my field, they ox'd, and I recognized it as a rare opportunity. I said, "You can cownt on me!"

I mean, hay, why not? You might say it was grazey for me to agree, but I was over the moon!

It was, of course, in the land of Wisconsin... Mmmmmm, smell that Dairy Air (now quick, say those two words fast)

It's not easy being bovine, but it sure was a lot of fun. I milked it for all it was worth. In fact, I'd say I was the cream in my own coffee (but full calf, not de-calf).

Of course I was standing on two legs (lean beef), and those who saw me were so shocked they exclaimed, "Sacred Female Bovine!"

To which I replied, "That's just Intact Male Bovine Feces!"

I even got my photo in the moos-paper. Along with Alice in Dairyland (also a real thing!)

Just grazing the surface with the cow puns... I think I've milked this for all its worth. Who's got some more? You can't shock me, I've herd it all.

And now.... stick a fork in me - I'm done!

Signed, EngineThatCow'd

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