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My on-line boyfriend is away

BY AnaW on September 11, 2009
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It started with the break-up, shortly weeks before the long-time planned summer vacations. So, I was about to spend the holidays with my girls –all of us single by now- somewhere on the beach watching the happy couples jumping around or gossiping about the handsome, hope not-yet-taken, men.
But it was another solution, I never used before: getting an account at one of the famous on-line dating sites. Maybe the “he” is only one click-away. And one night, after a couple of hours spent in my favourite bar and probably one mojito more than usual, I did it: dressed up my profile, checked carefully the references – of course I am not interested in marriage and children, I don’t like sushi and I am reading and doing always something new and my hobbies are “travelling and meeting new people”. Plus a picture of me, not too sexy, not too strict, only to offer a short look “inside my wonderfully me”.
While I was deep into the business of checking profiles – and I was laughing in tears reading the stupid things some of them were writing about them – the “opportunity window” opened showing me a guy is eager to start a conversation with me. Basic things, short exchange of regular messenger addresses, for continuing the conversations the next days. He was funny and with humour and living only 100 kilometres away of my town. The second day of conversation, he asked me if I want to be his girlfriend. I answered him quite amused: “No!”. “Why? he insisted. Do you have somebody else?”, he wrote to me (We never used the camera and didn’t exchange any photos, excepting what we already posted at our profiles). “Do you want a virtual girlfriend, or what? We never saw each other, I have no idea who you are – our nicknames were faked) How could I be?” His answer was short: “I thought you are available and do you want to have a boyfriend. Probably we are different cups of tea. I am sorry. We should break up now”. And he set his status to “Away” and refused to answer any other instant messages I sent him after. Shortly, he deleted me from his list, as I, after another on-line experiences I decided that beach-watching was the solution for a healthy real life.

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