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Emergency room workers in the time of Covid are sharing why they do what they do in Six Words.

Top Ides of March

You survived the Ides of March! And thrived in our latest SixContest! This month, we asked for your revenge and betrayal stories to honor the Romans’ infamous day. For some vengeance is in their blood (“Revenge is genetic: I’m from Jersey.”-CuzinVin), while others just can’t stomach it (“Thought about revenge. Settled on despair.” – l8leigh). Some planned (“You got a peanut allergy? Noted.” –absoluteunit), and others let the universe handle it (“You will be your own downfall.” –Nostop). And once in a while we find ourselves betrayed in the most expected ways (“Beware the 7-11 rolling hot dogs.“- MotorCityMich).

Here are our favorites:

6. “Roommate wouldn’t drive me to hospital.” –A-capella

5. “Moved out while cheater was traveling.” –Neesha101

4. “My happiness was sweet mental revenge” – @donettasifford 

3. “Discovered friendship was a one-way street.” –canadafreeze

2. “I’m the remnant of your fireworks…” –schytz

1.”They signed divorce papers. Mutual Revenge.” –sasidhar

Our a shout-out to zsuzsu for our favorite backstory to her memoir: “Fired. Then remaining staff got cancer.”

Congrats to sasidhar and zsuzsu!

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