Classroom of the Month: John Ferry’s “Image and Form” class at Kansas City Art Institute


Every Six-Word has a backstory. Watch our featured storytellers share theirs.

Piper Kerman

Snitches get stitches—or maybe not.

Said Sayrafiezadeh

What's wrong with men these days?

Robert Levy

Blood magic only goes so far.

Susan Orlean

I have begun ironing his underpants.

Joe Iconis

Muthers R Speshel (When Yer Sad).

Susan Blackwell

The Curse of the Mississippi Showboat.

Joyce Maynard

Gave birth alone. Kept quiet. Told.

Sara Abou Rashed

Escaped War; War Never Escaped Me.

Anthony Giglio

So, you wanna be a Jew.


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Shannon Wilson

Open Up Or We're Coming In.

Joe Lockhart

When will you get this opportunity again.

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