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Once was spooky; came back haunted.

BY DatGuiser on October 5, 2018
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This one not only does this one sound Halloween-worthy, it is also a great experience that changed my life. I remember back in elementary school (not too long ago), and I was a gifted child. I never tried to deny or be humble about any of my wonderous achievements. My first grade teacher had a parent-teacher conference with my parents because she believed I was well above the first grade standards. The next day, the principal called me into the office with all of the second grade teachers and asked me to choose one. I chose one because I thought she had a cool name. Anyways, I walk to class with my new teacher, and she announces, "This is our new student: [DatGuiser]. He is really smart and he just skipped first grade." I thought that was amazing because it would make me appear better than the rest and set me forward. Also, I don't know if anybody else knows what this means, but Accelerated Reading (AR) Points was the biggest competition in my class: read a book, log into Renaissance Place/RenLearn, take a test on the book, and get points accordingly. Within a week, I was second on the charts for AR. There were three kids in particular who tried targeting me in "Specials (PE, Library, Art, Science, Music)" classes, and let's call them Jan, Ran, and Tan. During recess and all of these specials classes, they ganged up against me at everything: bounceball, wallball, 4-square, basketball, etc. One day when I was trying to play 4-square, this girl told me that my face was black and that I should call the nurse because Jan punched me. I did not actually remember being punched, but this girl and a few others came up to me and asked if I was okay. One day, Ran walked up to me in secret and told me, "I am sorry for being mean to you all year. I just promised Jan and Tan to gang up against you because they don't like you. They said they would get their older brothers to beat me up if I didn't." I instantly trusted him after that, and I completely understood his intentions. In all reality, I had never really understood that I was being bullied. I hadn't told my parents about it, simply because I had never thought to. But this bullying situation really took a mental toll on me. After second and third grade, my parents put me in a charter school that had just opened up in the area. I was weird and sociopathic. I was quiet at times I should have been loud, and I was loud at times I should have been quiet. I was productive during times of listening, and I was looking around and observing during times of work. My teacher held several parent-teacher conferences specifically for me. My parents knew I was smart, but they didn't know what to do with me. I never opened up about this experience. I was still getting okay grades, but my family started to notice an odd change in me, and my parents and I got into a lot of discord. I maintained this weirdness all throughout middle school, which grew into personal depression in high school, including a failed suicide attempt by dehydration and poisoning (which I never told my parents about). I am now in 11th grade, and only this year have I gotten over my depression and weirdness. I am now a hard-working student who is involved in several clubs, and this year appears to be very productive for me. I am now able to use my intelligence, emotion, and conditional awkwardness as my positivity. I now help out other peers with their hard life by relating their experiences to my own, and I am able to share my ridiculous stories humorously to help them see the bright side of afterthoughts. I am now the only junior in my school taking AP Calculus because mathematics is a great strong suit for me. I am in the top 10 of my class, but my schedule next year will almost guarantee me to become my school's valedictorian. So, to wrap it all up, I believed the whole world was revolved around me for all the accolades I received, and it was the one thing that made me myself compared to the rest. Other people who had insecurities and unstable home lives themselves saw me as a threat with my high achievement and Type-A personality. At such an early age I was exposed to unhealthy human relationships which set the precedent for several years. It got increasingly worse, to the point of where I was haunted by a ghost that had only been a few 7 year olds from well over 7 years ago. But only after I had taken the effort to surround myself with strong suits and hobbies to ride above the weaknesses, was I able to end up succeeding. I hope you love this 6 word interpretation of my life story, as it is very true, and contains many secrets that I shall take to my grave.

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