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Your Paradise in only six words

BY TeamSixWords on July 1, 2019
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What would be your perfect place? That sense of paradise or heaven on earth, your happy valley, somewhere to kick up your feet and never leave? For SixContest #126, it’s a time to reflect on what paradise means to you.

Does your paradise have constant 75-degree weather or do you prefer things on the cooler side? Is your utopia full of parties, or does it have more dogs than people? You can focus on solving real-world issues like climate change or you can let your imagination run wild by including some dragons. Maybe you would rather focus on what’s not there? Feel free to think as small (free ice cream) or as big (world peace) as you want. We want you to share every aspect of your perfect world.

If you'd like to share a backstory (we love reading them!), be sure to submit your entry as a Six and include the link to the Backstory here in the comments below. Share as many stories as you like, but do post only one entry per comment. The prize will be an exclusive Six-Word Memoir’s keychain!

Remember to tag us and include #ParadiseInSix when posting your Six Words to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram!

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