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Old-School Nostalgia in just Six Words

BY TeamSixWords on September 2, 2019
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It’s time to go old school. With the new school year, it’s time to think back and reminisce on those good-old school days. Remember when everyone didn’t have a phone in their pocket? How about when everyone was singing “I Want It That Way” instead of “Old Town Road”? Or when the writing in cursive still mandatory? For SixContest #128, we’re asking you share something today’s kids will never know.

How about those memories when you used to come home and play outside with friends during elementary? Were you listening to Led Zeppelin when you should have been doing homework? Have you recently resurrected your old GameBoy Color or found your Tammogachi? Remember having a curfew after football games? Do you miss the days of watching Disney Channel after school? What brings back fond (or-not-so-fond) memories? We want to reminisce with you.

If you'd like to share a backstory (we love reading them!), be sure to submit your entry as a Six and include the link to the Backstory here in the comments below. Share as many stories as you like, but do post only one entry per comment. The prize will be an exclusive Six-Word Memoir’s keychain!

Remember to tag us and include #KidsTodayWillMissInSix when posting your Six Words to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram!

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