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State of the Union in Six

BY TeamSixWords on June 18, 2020
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When we asked you for your predictions back in January, none of us were expecting 2020 so far: wildfires, murder hornets, a global pandemic, a reckoning about systemic racism in America and across the world. For SixContest #133, it’s time to check in on the state of the union.

Where do you want to see change? How can we make that change happen? What do you plan to do to help change come about? These changes can be global, like dismantling systemic racism, local, like lobbying for a better recycling program, or in your own home by creating a monthly donation to a vital cause. We want to hear your take on where we are now, and where you want to see the world go.

You can include an image with your story, as well as a backstory (and also submit your entry as a Six-Word Memoir and include the link with your contest submission). Share as many stories as you like, but do post only one entry per comment. The prize will be an exclusive Six-Word Memoir keychain!

Remember to tag us and include #StateoftheUnioninSix when posting your Six Words to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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